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 Global Conflicts [2007-08]

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Ivcha SenSei

Ivcha SenSei

Broj poruka : 23
Datum upisa : 09.11.2008
Godina : 25
Lokacija : Negotin

Global Conflicts [2007-08] Empty
PočaljiNaslov: Global Conflicts [2007-08]   Global Conflicts [2007-08] I_icon_minitimeUto Nov 11, 2008 6:56 am

Global Conflicts [2007-08] 10oo7lg

lobal Conflicts: Palestine | Screenshot Official Website:
An accessible adventure game that puts you in the role of a journalist in Jerusalem exploring the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and trying to get a story published. Explore real-world environments and get involved in stories based on real accouts. Experience on of the most volatile conflicts in modern times up close. Global Conflicts: Palestine takes a compelling mew approach to games, moving them beyond entertainment. It places you in the heart of the world's most talked-about conflict and forces you to reflect upon it carefully. Features: ? Learn about the problems by experiencing them in a full 3D world. Earn people's trust and write engaging stories about the conflict. ? Package includes full game and access to an online community and reference. Suitable for all people with an interest in current world affairs.

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Global Conflicts [2007-08] 25tvjma

Global Conflicts: Latin America | Screenshot Official Website:
Global Conflicts: Latin America is a game which puts you in the place of a freelance journalist who must write revealing articles about major problems in Latin American countries. You will be confronted with ruthless landowners profiting on modern slavery; corrupt police officers and tainted state officials; men with bloody hands from their involvement in systematic genocide; organized criminals benefiting from the misery of others; and shameless businessmen putting profit before workers' rights and the environment. None of these wish to talk about the details of their doings. Your job is to identify them, throw them off balance, and bring the truth about their actions to the public.

DOWNLOAD Global Conflicts: Latin America (Size: 303 MB):

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Global Conflicts [2007-08]
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